Azealia Banks’ First Post-Label Music Video is Dope

By Jamilah King Aug 08, 2014

After invoking the ghosts of "The Color Purple" when she was let go from her label a few months back, Azealia Banks is eager to drop new music on her adoring fans. 

In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed’s Naomi Zeichner, Banks said that can’t wait to release her debut album "Broke With Expensive Taste" so she can move on to a new project. "Now that I’m off the label it’s a bit of a shock, because now it’s like, ‘Oh shit, it’s real now.’ I mean, even though I’ve been doing it myself the whole time anyway, now it’s gonna be more pressure," she said. "I have to do it myself, I have to hire all the people, I have to find all the stuff, I have to pay all the producers, I have to do everything. It’s fine, I actually don’t mind. I have a good team, lawyer, manager."

And it looks like she’s off to a good start. Banks dropped the video for the new track "Heavy Metal and Reflective" on August 5, featuring that signature heavy baseline and some of the best lyrics she’s rapped since "L8R." The video was directed by by Rob Soucy and Nick Ace and features Banks escaping a kidnap attempt with her biker gang.

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