"Modern Family" won the Golden Globe prize for best TV comedy on Sunday but the acceptance speech got a little weird when the show’s co-creator and executive producer Steven Levitan joked around by saying Sofia Vergara said studio executives made great lovers.

The Golden Globes Awards are put on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and in honor of that–speaking in Spanish–Vergara took the stage and said the "Modern Family" team would accept the award in two languages, English and Spanish.

The acceptance speech seemed pre-planned, Vergara would say a few words in Spanish and Levitan would translate in English. But at one point Levington stopped translating and was just poking jokes and alleging Vergara may have gotten to where she is by sleeping with executives.

Vergara has a pretty good sense of humor and she’s no stranger to controversy herself but this may have been pushing it. What do you think?

[Update 12/15/12 11:37pm: An earlier version of this story misspelled producer Steven Levitan’s last name.]