AsianWeek’s “I Hate Blacks” Scandal

By Malena Amusa Mar 01, 2007

(California-based AsianWeek’s Editor-at-large, Ted Fang/AP Photo) The Latest: AsianWeek fires bigot author blogged Feb. 27:

The controvery over Kenneth Eng’s "Why I Hate Blacks" AsianWeek column continues to grow, gaining attention in the mainstream with stories like this one: Asian paper’s ‘I Hate Blacks’ column assailed. And this one: Asian weekly’s "Why I Hate Blacks" column blasted. SFGate’s got a scan of the original column here. Forget Eng. He’s a punk**s hack with a pathetically limited worldview, no better than a neo-nazi or a member of the KKK. His racist barking with be his own undoing. The people who really need to answer for this are the editors of AsianWeek, who chose to run the piece in the first place. Here’s the apology AsianWeek issued regarding the matter:

"AsianWeek sincerely regrets any offense caused by the one opinion piece which reflected that author’s personal views. We apologize for any harm or hurt this has caused the African American community… AsianWeek’s operation and editorial policy are based on a philosophy of diversity. This includes fighting to promote diversity of opinion in our own community and even to expose its disturbing warts. …" Not much of an apology. This statement does nothing to denounce Eng’s views. There’s a big difference between promoting "a diversity of opinion" and a publishing an all-out racist hate rant. And don’t give us fakespeak about "cross-cultural diversity" and "building connections" if you’re going to give a guy like Eng a platform to spit on diversity. It’s ridiculous.

*RaceWire will be on this story in the following weeks. Stay Tuned.