Asians Call for Immigration Reforms, and Other News

By The News Aug 25, 2009

Asian Immigrants Gather for Town Hall Meeting To jump start dialogue about immigration in the Asian community, Asian immigrants in Chicago, IL met at a town hall meeting this weekend to talk about problems reunifying with family because of an inefficient immigration system. IN City Council Revises Business Contract Rules The Evansville City Council in Indiana has passed a reform to current laws that would make it easier for woman-owned and people of color-owned business to compete for contracts to build public projects. But critics say the requirements for expensive insurance and performance bonds will still keep these businesses from being eligible for those contracts. Racial Disparities in Cancer Care Reflect Hospital Resources A new study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Centre shows that hospitals that treat more Black cancer patients have worse survival rates for breast and colon cancer patients than hospitals that treat mostly white cancer patients. Would You Like Some Racism With That? McDonald’s has just launched two website campaigns – and – to target Blacks and Asians by reminding Black consumers of their deep roots in the community and Asian consumers of their yin-yang themed coffee.