“Asian Supremacist” Kenneth Eng Forced to Seek “Mental Help”

By Andre Banks Aug 13, 2007

RaceWire has been covering this Kenneth Eng business from the initial "Why I Hate Blacks" article to the maniacal writer’s eventual arrest, so I thought I’d provide this little snippet from the New York Press (thx to Kenyon for the tip):

Self-described “Asian Supremacist,” Kenneth Eng, 24, of Bayside, Queens was sentenced to mandatory outpatient mental help after pleading guilty to charges stemming from an April 2007 incident in which he waved a hammer at his neighbor and made death threats against her and her family.

Eng, is a writer whose illustrious career includes being fired from AsianWeek in San Francisco for penning a column entitled “Why I Hate Blacks,” and claiming in a Village Voice interview that his work may have inspired the Virginia Tech killer, his hero. The 24-year-old also told the Voice interviewer that he had a similar plan for NYU, but couldn’t carry it out because he could not afford the weapons. He was arrested for this too after the article was published.

Does anyone else think he got off easy?