Asian income gap hurts children; US gov’t neglects HIV-positive immigrants

By The News Aug 06, 2008

Immigration activists accuse US gov’t of neglect This week, at the International Aids Conference in Mexico City, many immigration and policy activists are debating the treatment of HIV-positive detainees. This comes after the high-profile death of Victoria Arellano, a 23-year old trans detainee who died after weeks in a prison of 140 built for 40. Associated Press. Beijing: Tibet organizers unfurl banner, get arrested A large protest broke out on the final leg of the Olympic Torch’s return to Beijing. Organizers from Students for a Free Tibet, based in New York, said those arrested wanted to bring further attention to the violence committed against Tibetans in Tibet by the Chinese government. Al Jazeera. Harlem soul food restaurants struggle amidst gentrification Many of the soul food restaurants in Harlem are struggling to stay afloat. Owners cite everything from changing neighborhoods to the changing tastes of their past audiences, such as young black professionals. “There used to be two or three soul food places on a block,” said Johnny Manning, who operates the website, New York Times Children in Asian power states still suffer Much has been written about the rapidly-growing economies of China and India, but experts are trying to bring attention to the widening income gaps of those countries. UNICEF reports that in 2006, more than 40% of children who die before their fifth birthday are from the Asia-Pacific region. Al Jazeera.