Asian Americans Increasingly Favorable of U.S.

By Jorge Rivas Apr 22, 2009

via New America Media WASHINGTON DC – Public attitudes toward Asian Americans in the United States are increasingly positive, according to a recent report. Citing the survey, Chinese language newspaper World Journal reports that only 9 percent of the general population interviewed said they would not elect an Asian American as the US President, compared to 23 percent in the same survey done in 2001. However, the survey also shows that 45 percent of the general population believe Asian Americans are more loyal to their countries of ancestry than to the United States, increase from 37 percent in 2001. Community leaders and academic professionals believe that China’s uprising power help post questions on Asian Americans’ loyalty, but the fact that President Obama got elected last year strengthens the belief on minorities’ political influence. The survey was commissioned by Committee of 100’s (C-100), a Chinese American organization is committed to improving interracial relations. A full report is available at