Arthur Chu Answers His Toughest Question Yet in Documentary

By Sameer Rao May 23, 2018

Arthur Chu became a household name in 2014 when he scored a rare 11-game victory streak on "Jeopardy!" The media spotlight exposed Chu to a deluge of attention from media outlets, racist trolls and Asian Americans who saw themselves in the brash quiz show champion.

In the documentary, "Who is Arthur Chu?," he allows audiences behind the curtain of his public image as both a game show champion and a critic of oppressive social structures. PBS aired the film for the first time on broadcast television last night (May 22) as part of its America ReFramed series.

Co-directors Yu Gu and Scott J. Drucker follow Chu as he navigates post-"Jeopardy!" stardom and tries to buck stereotypes of Asian Americans as passive. Audiences see Chu engage with toxic social media culture, speak at conventions and develop a writing career with Salon and The Daily Beast. The film also touches on Chu’s difficult relationship with his East Asian immigrant parents and their strict expectations for their son. 

"Who is Arthur Chu?" is part of PBS and the Center for Asian-American Media‘s documentary series for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Stream the film via PBS until June 21, or purchase it from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and other streaming platforms starting June 12.