Arizona’s Jan Brewer Won’t Seek Reelection

The governor makes clear that she won't run on November's ballot.

By Aura Bogado Mar 12, 2014

Arizona’s embattled governor, Jan Brewer, will not be seeking reelection. As The New York Times explains, it’s been unclear whether Brewer would run once again, based on the fact that she came into office in the middle of a term:

Arizona governors are limited to serving two terms at the state’s helm. But because Brewer took over mid-term from Janet Napolitano when she left to head the Department of Homeland Security there had been speculation Brewer could seek another four years in office on the grounds she had not served two complete terms.

Brewer, who’s long defended her state’s practice of targeting people for immigration detention and deportation, had recently stated she was considering an additional term.

Arizona’s voters will pick a new governor this November.