Arizona Reminds Residents Not to Drink From Toilets

The state that's leading the nation in regressive policy needs a basic reminder in civility.

By Jamilah King Nov 11, 2010

We know, it’s petty. But in a state that’s leading the charge in passing some of the nation’s most repressive social policies, it’s pretty funny that one town has to remind its residents not to drink from toilets.

Gawker reported on Thursday that in the town of Chandler, signs have been posted in the new City Hall warning residents not to drink from toilets and urinals. Max Read had this to say:

What the hell is this? Just another example of big government liberals trying to tell you what water you can and can’t drink. Arizona IndyMedia has a picture of one of the signs, which clarify that the urinal and toilet water should not be drunk because it’s "gray"–that is, reused wastewater.

Chandler’s mayor didn’t exactly help matters any. He rationalized to the Arizona Republic that he’s certain "there’s some sort regulation out there that requires that type of sign."

On Thursday, Julianne Hing reported on how the state’s recently passed affirmative action ban is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its love affair with regressive policy. In April, Gov. Jan Brewer signed SB 1070, the country’s harshest anti-immigrant bill, into law. And a recently passed ban on ethnic studies in the state is set to go into effect in December.

You stay classy, Arizona.