Arizona Attempts to Curb Immigration; Protest Against Demolition in New Orleans

By The News Dec 14, 2007

Arizona Is Split Over Hard Line on Immigrants Arizona, with a population of over 500,000 illegal immigrants, has passed a law that comes into affect January 1, 2008 that will take away the business license of “any employer that knowingly hires an illegal immigrant.” New York Times. Lives Are Growing Harder, Hispanics Say in Survey According to a survey released by the Pew Hispanic Center, around 2/3 of Hispanics in the U.S. believe their lives have been made more difficult in light of immigration, as over half of the Hispanics surveyed either have a “relative or close friend” threatened with deportation. New York Times. Tony-Winning Playwright David Henry Hwang Returns With a Confessional Play Nearly 18 years after leading protests against white actors playing Asian-American roles in “Miss Saigon,” playwright David Henry Hwang has come out with “Yellow Face,” considered his “most personal, most autobiographical, most confessional piece” thus far. International Herald Tribune. Giuliani Pledges Action on Immigration In a recently launched New Hampshire television ad, Republican presidential nominee Rudy Giuliani calls for leadership to end illegal immigration, including building a new fence and training the border patrol. Boston Globe. In New Orleans, Plan to Raze Low-Income Housing Draws Protest In New Orleans, demonstrators have been leading protests against the government’s demolition of apartments in four of the largest public housing projects. While activists consider this a move against low-income individuals, the government argues that the public housing being demolished was uninhabitable and “inhumane.” New York Times. U.S. Falters in Terror Case Against 7 in Miami One of the Liberty City Seven, a group of men in June 2006 who were charged with plotting to destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago, was acquitted on Thursday. The mistrial is considered a “defeat for the Bush administration.” New York Times.