Area in East New York Renamed ‘African Burial Ground’

A square on New Lots Avenue in Brooklyn has been renamed to commemorate the discovery of an African slave burial site.

By Von Diaz Oct 18, 2013

When it was unveiled in 2010, the African Burial Ground Visitor Center in Manhattan’s Lower East Side became a significant monument to New York’s history of slavery, and it continues to commemorate those buried in the Ground Zero Slave Graves. That same year, the remains of previously enslaved people were also discovered in Brooklyn’s East New York neighborhood. A group of advocates officially unveiled "African Burial Ground Square" this week on the site of the New Lots African Burial Ground, in honor of those forgotten African slaves. Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron, who was part of the renaming initiative, says the effort was also a way to replace street names that honor Dutch colonists with one that speaks to the legacy of slavery. According to New York’s Amsterdam News, there are 70 streets in New York named after former slave owners.

In addition to the square’s renaming, Schenck Playground in the square will also be given an "Afrocentric" renovation, which will include artifacts and a monument that will tell the story of the burial ground, along with new lights and equipment.

(h/t Amsterdam News)