Are Mitt Romney’s Canvassers Deceiving Nevada Voters?

Senior citizens in Nevada say Romney canvassers are misinforming them about the voter registration process.

By Aura Bogado Sep 28, 2012

Our Nevada-based community journalist Kate Sedinger tells us about a troubling development in Carson City, Nevada targeting senior citizen voters.

Carson Now reports that canvassers identifying themselves as part of the Romney campaign told seniors leaving a big box store that new legislation required that they re-register in order to vote. The deception doesn’t stop there. Another senior names Janet Riggs says that she got a phone call, also informing her that she had to re-register.

Voter deception targets vulnerable communities–aside from seniors, youth and people of color are purposefully confused, so that they won’t participate in the voting process. To read about the way that former felons are being tricked, read Brentin Mock’s feature, Florida’s Felonious Voting Trap.

If you hear or see something that doesn’t jive with what you already know to be true about registering or voting, remember that you can always contact Election Protection by going online or calling 1-866-Our-Vote.