ARC is Picking up Steam for Racial Justice, Get Your Friends Onboard

By Rinku Sen May 14, 2009

It is with much enthusiasm that I write to you today.

The Applied Research Center, ColorLines Magazine and its blog, RaceWire, are gaining ground in spreading and popularizing racial justice. We are proud and excited to share some of our recent hits and highlights.

ARC just published “Underprotected, Undersupported: Low-income Children at Risk,” a report looking at policies and practices around childcare that endanger the health and safety of low-income children. Racewire blogs are getting syndication and new readers every day, and has a new web exclusive every week. RaceWire includes videos from Tammy Johnson discussing current race and politics news in the US, Obama’s first 100 days have passed but has resources available to help make sense of all the coverage, and RaceWire has a satirical look at the stigmatizing happening with h1n1 flu outbreak. Lastly, I was honored to be recognized as a “Prime Mover” by Hunt Alternatives Fund.

I want to invite you to look through our recent media work and latest reports.

And make sure you’re following our work and tell a friend how they can follow us: