Arab-American Store Owner Claims Discrimination, and other news

By The News Aug 10, 2009

Arab-American Grocery Claims Discrimination Against Store A grocery store owner is accusing the village in which his store is located for discrimination against an Arab-American business. The Arab owner contests the health code citations on his store, claiming he and his family have been unfairly singled out for inspections. Riot Between Blacks and Latinos in CA Prison In California, a prison riot erupted between Latino and Black inmates, causing the shutdown of the the California Institution for Men in Chino. Since a 2005 Supreme Court ruling that found automatic segregation in prisons to be illegal, many California prisons have made efforts to reverse the historic practice of separating inmates by race. NBC’s "African-American Perspective" on News NBC is launching, a news site that claims to deliver an African-American perspective on news. Among its highlighted contributors are Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Santita Jackson, and Al Sharpton.