Applying for DACA? There’s an App for That

Undocumented youth can get tips on applying for deferred action right from their cell phones.

By Von Diaz Sep 25, 2013

Now, there’s a phone app for avoiding deportation. Immigration Advocates Network, the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the American Immigration Council teamed up to produce Pocket DACA as part of the "Own the DREAM Campaign," which is now available for iPhone and Android.  Applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA can be a cumbersome process, requiring a lifetime’s worth of documents such as school and medical records that prove continuous residence in the U.S. This app is meant to answer questions and help youth determine if they’re eligible to apply. 

Say what you will about DACA, which is starting to show some cracks. But Google Play users took the opportunity to share their thoughts on immigration reform, many giving the product a one-star rating because they said it "encourages criminal behavior," and that illegal immigrants are likely to join gangs. Otherwise, the app seems to be getting mostly positive reviews from youth and organizers who’ve used it.