Antoine Dodson Meme Shows Up in Wisconsin Protests

He's back! And this time it's in the name of worker's rights.

By Thoai Lu Feb 25, 2011

There’s still no getting away from Antoine Dodson’s "Hide yo’ kids" meme. Images of the accidental Internet celebrity appeared on posters this week Madison, Wisconsin. According to Slate Magazine, these signs share space with other free items like snacks and socks for people sleeping over in the Capitol.

The poster that depicts current Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is an obvious parody to Antoine Dodson’s interview with WAFF the past summer. That interview, given after Dodson’s sister was attacked by an intruder in her bedroom, quickly went viral. Some people had fun with it. Others didn’t. We tried to untangle what it all meant. And through it all, Dodson hustled his way to the BET image awards to having a line of specialized Halloween costumes and possible his own reality TV show.

Perhaps framing Wisconsin’s anger anguish to the tune of "Hide your teachers, Hide your workers" will create a stickiness that resonates.