Anti-Columbus Day Activists Arrested; National Group of Black Ministers to Discuss AIDS

By The News Oct 08, 2007

Military Sees Big Decline in Black Enlistees Statistics recently released by the Department of Defense have shown that since 2000, the amount of black enlistees has decreased by over 58%, despite heavy recruitment of African-American high school students. Boston Globe. Black Ministers to Tackle Issue of HIV/AIDS In what many are considering a historic event, a two-day meeting organized by the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS will bring together dozens of African American clergy from throughout the nation to discuss the proliferation of AIDS in the black community. USA Today. Columbus Day Protest Leads to Arrest American Indian activists were arrested on Sunday for disrupting Denver’s annual Columbus Day parade on the basis of it being a “celebration of genocide.” Activists have been protesting this event for nearly twenty years. MSNBC. Sharpton Seeks Apology Over Thomas’ Language Civil rights activist, Al Sharpton, threatens to picket Knicks games unless Knicks Coach Isiah Thomas apologizes for his racist and sexist comments in a video deposition. New York Times. Hip-hoppers Rally Support for Jena Six Rapper/Actor Mos Def and other leading members of the hip-hop community encouraged students to walk out in protest of the racist Jena Six court ruling. Detroit Free Press.