Anti-Abortion Group Plans Racist Protest at DNC

By Jonathan Adams Aug 21, 2008

Anti-Abortion Group Plans Racist Protest in Denver Operation Rescue leaders vowed today to pass out hundreds of thousands of racist pamphlets and to stage sit-ins during the Democratic National Convention in efforts to convince attendees that abortion is a worse evil than racism. "The pamphlet asks the question: "Which is a worse crime: slavery or murder? The correct answer: murder. A slave can get free, but a murder victim cannot get ‘undead.’ " Denver Post. New Play About Hattie McDaniel’s Struggle What does it mean that the first African-American to win an Academy Award did so playing a loyal slave in a pulpy paean to the plantation South? What was it like to be a black vaudevillian on the road in an often-hostile America? New York Times. Talking About Guns and Race "In June, the Supreme Court explicitly affirmed the individual’s right to bear arms. The ruling — District of Columbia v. Heller — has broad implications, opening the possibility for further legal challenges to gun statutes across the country." In These Times.