Anti-Abortion Activists Confirm Hit On Planned Parenthood

New video accuses the agency of covering up a child sex ring. Seriously?

By Jamilah King Feb 02, 2011

Turns out that Planned Parenthood was right about its suspicions that anti-abortion activists had planned an ACORN-style take-down hoax. Conservative activists from Live Action, an anti-abortion group, have proudly taken responsibility for the sham by releasing a video that reportedly shows abuse in the clinic.

The video was released on Tuesday, reports Talking Points Memo. Last week the AP reported that Planned Parenthood had asked the FBI to investigate a possible multi-state sex trafficking ring. Over the span of just a few weeks a man posing as a pimp visited clinics in at least six different states. The man raised suspicions after asking how to treat STD’s and obtain abortions for underage and undocumented women. An internal investigation conducted by the agency later tied the unidentified man to Live Action. It wasn’t a sophisticated or even original plan of attack, and national representatives for Planned Parenthood alerted the FBI that either there was a serious sex trafficking ring that needed to be investigated, or opponents were playing dirty tricks again.

Live Action claims to be "exposing Planned Parenthood’s cover-up of child sex trafficking."

From TPM:

According to Live Action, the man and a female companion are posing as a pimp and a prostitute. They ask the clinic employee about the legality of bringing 14- and 15-year-olds in for sexually transmitted disease testing and abortions. In the video, she apparently tells them that any sexual activity concerning a 14-year-old would have to be reported, and she told them where to go to get an abortion for someone that young without it being reported.

Officials at Planned Parenthood are investigating the matter. TPM also points out that while the video may seem damning, it’s also highly edited. A similar video posted by conservative James O’Keefe in his ACORN videos were eventually discredited, but not before the organization collapsed under intense national media scrutiny.