Another Academy Voter Speaks: Oscars Can’t Be Racist Because Academy Prez is Black

By Aura Bogado Feb 20, 2015

The Hollywood Reporter is continuing its "brutally honest Oscar ballot" series, which features candid conversations with anonymous Academy voters.

On Thursday, we told you about the Academy voter who was offended by the cast of Selma wearing "I can’t breathe" t-shirts at the New York premier. Another enjoyed the film and briefly mentioned it in their interview. A new interview posted on The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, however, might also raise eyebrows:

I didn’t think Selma was a particularly good film, apart from the main actor [David Oyelowo], and I think the outcry about the Academy being racists for not nominating it for more awards is offensive — we have a two-term president who is a black woman [Cheryl Boone Isaacs] and we give out awards to black people when they deserve them, just like any other group.

There you have it, folks. The Academy has a black president; therefore the Academy itself–a group of more than 6,000 people, 76 percent of whom are men, 94 percent of whom are white, which nominated zero people of color in all four acting categories this year (including David Oyelowo, who this voter admits is a good actor)–can’t be racist.