Ann Coulter Suggests Creating ‘Death Squads’ if Immigration Reform Passes

At the recent CPAC convention, Coulter makes several outrageous comments about immigrants and those who support immigration reform.

By Von Diaz Mar 10, 2014

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter is never one to mince words, but in her recent debate with journalist Mickey Kaus at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) she expressed some shocking attitudes about immigrants and immigration reform. She began by suggesting that Democrats only support immigration reform because they’re looking to increase their voter base, and criticized both Democrats and Republicans for endorsing so-called "amnesty." But she also shared some disturbing views on shaming and "the poor." 

There’s an overwhelming cultural sense, a political correctness, to end shaming. Shaming is good. It’s almost a cruel and insensitive thing for the upper classes, the educated, the college graduates, to refuse to tell poor people ‘keep your knees together before you get married.’

She went on to suggest immigrants should be shamed for "running across the border illegally," and said the notion of families getting torn apart by immigration policies is a myth perpetuated by liberals and the media, because most undocumented immigrants are young men (who come into the country illegally in the backs of trucks marked "pico de gallo"). Coulter ended the conversation with a zinger. 

Immigration is forever, it is game over when that happens. Amnesty is forever. You gotta vote for the Republicans one more time, and just make it clear that if you pass amnesty that’s it, it’s over. And then we organize the death squads for the people that wrecked America.

Considering the climate around immigration reform, the hardships caused by record numbers of deportations under President Obama, and the most recent polls suggesting voters across political parties favor immigration reform, Coulters comments come across as narrow-minded, cruel, and disconnected from the tough realities immigrants face.