Anita Hill’s Hollywood Commission Launches Harassment Survey

By N. Jamiyla Chisholm Nov 21, 2019

The Hollywood Commission, which is led by Anita F. Hill and aims to eliminate sexual harassment, released The Hollywood Survey, billed as the first industry-wide anonymous survey on entertainment business culture. Any and all people who have ever worked, or tried to work, in the industry are invited to share their experiences, the Commission announced Wednesday (November 20). Per its website, the Commission “is conducting the survey to gauge the ethical climate and culture of the entertainment industry.”

Administered by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative, the survey is anonymous, untraceable and conducted online. The data collected will be used to develop policies that interrupt bias and harassment and champion inclusion.

“The Me Too Movement sent shockwaves throughout the Hollywood community,” Hill said on the survey website. “We all know that there is work to be done to create safe and respectful workplaces in the industry. Our next step is to understand the state of the industry today, so that we can implement effective solutions.”

To take the survey, click here. The findings will be released to the public in early 2020.