Anita Hill on Affirmative Action; In US, Gay Muslims Do Exist

By The News Nov 07, 2007

USA Today Examines States’ Immigrants Rights The states, not the federal government, have given our first glimpse into immigration policy in the United States. The USA Today says its a sign that people in the country are choosing "pragmatism over nativism." USA Today. Anita Hill Warns of Ward’s "Super Tuesday" Contrasting Clarence Thomas’ race silence arguments on affirmative action, Anita Hill argues that presidential candidates from both parties should be careful on affirmative action because neither can afford to alienate women and people of color. Boston Globe. Gay Muslims Seeking Asylum in US Still Face Hostility Though Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims there are no gay people in Iran, many have been fleeing the region seeking asylum in the United States. Though not explicitly as deadly , US Muslims still face hostility due their sexuality. New York Times.