An Animated Look at California’s Practice of Solitary Confinement

A new look inside one of our country's most brutal punishments.

By Jamilah King Oct 23, 2013

A new video takes a look inside the California Department of Corrections’ practice of solitary confinement, which inmates staged a hunger strike in response to earlier this year. 

"Solitary confinement has been in the news for months now," says Colorlines alum Jorge Rivas who’s doing big things over at Fusion, the English-language joint venture between ABC News and Univision that launches on October 28. "First there was the hunger strike that 30,000 California inmates participated in to call attention to indefinite solitary confinement. Most recently a women hung herself and the latest is the U.N. rapporteur is speaking out against the conditions and wants access to the prisons."

(h/t Fusion)