Angelina Jolie in Brownface. Is that ok?

By Andre Banks May 24, 2007

Thanks to celebrific for the image. What you may already know is that Angie’s new film just dropped at Cannes based on the memoir by the widow of Daniel Pearl (remember him? journalist. beheaded. Pakistan. very terrible). Could it be more tragic? Yes, yes it can. Just check out Angelina’s mug bursting with Black curly ringlets and her skin browned to impersonate Mariane Pearl who is (or was) actually a Black woman. Wikipedia (they have an entry on everyone – even you) tells me that she is of "Afro-Cuban and Dutch" ancestry. (Angie claims she wasn’t darkened up – but that photo doesn’t lie). I mean, sure, Anthony Hopkins played a Black man in the Human Stain, but he was a Black man passing for a white man. The brainstormed and came up with some other notable RaceSwap roles. Well, I personally congratulate Angelina for taking the time to put down her colored children and play this role. Clearly, all the Black actresses in Hollywood are too busy paying the bills making lattes at the Starbucks on Rodeo Drive to be burdened with roles in major motion pictures. It’s ludicrous, but at once, ridiculous, which means it’s time to the end this post. …Just as soon as I point out that Brangelina / 2 was reduced to tears by Anne Curry, who thankfully adopted her serious journalist face for the task.