Angel Haze Talks Surviving Sexual Abuse, Coming Out and the Church

The rapper isn't afraid to expose her demons. And fans aren't afraid to listen.

By Jamilah King Nov 12, 2013

Angel Haze sat down for an interview with Meredith Bennett-Smith at the Huffington Post to talk about her wild summer of freestyling and what propelled her into the rap game in the first place. From HuffPo:

Until the age of 15, Haze (born Raykeea Wilson) and her mother were part of the Pentacostal Greater Apostolic Faith, a church Haze has repeatedly described as a "cult." Although Haze never officially "came out," her mother found out anyway, prompting the dramatic scene that opens the "Same Love" cover.

"When my mom found out she was so angry," Haze told HuffPost. "She was going through my s–t, and she staged this whole ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ scene, where she opened the blinds and the curtains in the house so they were all flying around. It’s winter and she turns off all the lights. And she sits down and she tells me, ‘God told me, you’re going to die of AIDS.’"

Looking back on those wind-whipped curtains now, Haze lets out a long laugh.

"That s–t is hilarious, when you think about it in hindsight," she said. Still, as a 13-year-old, the confrontation left her terrified and confused. "I knew that I didn’t believe in hell," Haze explained. "But I was also f–king afraid of it."

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