Anarchists Draw Heat After CA Student Walk-Outs

By Jamilah King Mar 05, 2010

The fallout from yesterday’s massive student protests in California continues. After a day of mostly peaceful rallies and demonstrations, the scene took a violent turn in Oakland when a group of about over a hundred protestors marched onto the Interstate and clashed with police. In total, more than 150 people were arrested. The group, which was allegedly led by a group of white anarchists, is drawing heat from activists of color for using the protests as an opportunity to cause a ruckus at the expense of young folks of color who always end up taking the blame. Nico Dacumos wrote:

At issue here is not so much the political ideology of mostly white black bloc anarchists, but the ways that their incitement of actions here in Oakland speaks to an entitlement and privilege that makes them think it is okay to encourage people of color, mostly African American and Latino males, to engage in "violent" forms of protest when they are already groups targeted and abused by the police. …In the end, I’m thinking about all the white kids in black I saw laughing and running down 8th Street free as shit while my friends Cooper and Puck, who went into today acting as documentation and legal observer, are sitting in jail because they wanted to support and protect the young people and people of color who were headed to the freeway behind back bloc-ers waving Syndicalist flags.