American Exceptionalism? ; Skilled Immigrants Excluded from California’s Workforce

By Guest Columnist Nov 13, 2008

by Chris Crews American Exceptionalism? Now that Barack Obama has been elected U.S. president, people of color in Europe question if a Black man could lead anywhere else. Everyone thinks not, and no one is particularly polite about it. IPS News. Last Minute Bush Deregulation Efforts Will Have Lasting Impacts The Bush administration is quietly trying to push through a wide array of federal regulations before President Bush leaves office in January. Up to ninety proposed regulations could be finalized, many of which would weaken government rules aimed at protecting consumers and the environment. Democracy Now. Race Still An Issue in America Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. warned that the individual successes of Barack Obama and other prominent African-Americans “shouldn’t lull us to sleep” in the effort to combat racism and poverty in America, but he also believes that racism in America would end as a hugely divisive issue “in our children’s lifetimes.” NY Times. Skilled Immigrants Excluded from California’s Workforce About 300,000 college-educated legal immigrants in the state, and 1.3 million nationwide, are unemployed or working in low-level jobs because their credentials aren’t recognized here, a study finds. Nationwide, more than 1.3 million college-educated legal immigrants are unemployed or working in unskilled jobs such as dishwashers or taxi drivers, according to the report by the Washington-based Migration Policy Institute. Nearly one-fourth of them, or 317,000, live in California. LA Times.