#AltonSterling Numbers You Should Know

By Yessenia Funes and Akiba Solomon Jul 06, 2016

There are countless unknowns about the fatal June 5 police shooting of Alton Sterling, a Black man selling CDs outside of Baton Rouge’s Triple S Food Mart. As macabre bystander footage of the confrontation circulates—and people on social media debate the ethics of watching and sharing it—here’s what we know about the incident so far. 

Alton Sterling’s age:


Number of Baton Rouge police officers involved:


Number of police body cameras that allegedly dropped during the confrontation:


Number of times Sterling was shot:

at least 2 

Length of video:

48 seconds

Number of minutes that passed between Sterling buying a drink and joking around with store clerk and police killing him:


Number of children Sterling had:


Age of Sterling’s oldest son, Cameron:


Number of federal agencies investigating the shooting:


Number of national cable news outlets that used a mugshot of Sterling while reporting his killing:

at least 1

 2013 federal sentence of a Louisiana man for selling pirated CDs and DVDs: 

2 years

Number of people police killed in Louisiana so far this year:

at least 10

Number of Black people killed by police so far this year, per the ACLU: