All in the Family: A Thanksgiving Comic Strip

Love doesn't always come easy, but somehow we find our way.

By Nia King Nov 21, 2012

At Facing Race last week, Junot Diaz encouraged us all to be more generous with one another. He was talking about making space for a broad justice movement. I’d like to add a call for generosity that goes beyond politics, that we lavish our patience, our empathy, our love in all aspects of life. For those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving, the holiday is often a reminder of the community we can create when we do so–and, as Nia King’s touching comic strip illustrates, of the challenges we face! 

Regardless of whether you celebrate the holiday, we hope your work allows time from the daily grind in the coming days to spend with people you love. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at We’re thankful to have you all in our community.

–Kai Wright