Akon Responds to Lupe: Obama’s No Terrorist, But Maybe GOP Is

WATCH: The Senegalese-born R&B star responds to Lupe Fiasco's critique of President Obama, saying he's seen for himself how differently the world thinks about America now.

By Jorge Rivas Aug 03, 2011

R&B recording artist Akon has come to President Obama’s defense after fellow hip-hop star Lupe Fiasco called Obama the biggest terrorist there is. Originally hailing from Senegal, Akon explained that since Obama took office the international community no longer looks at the U.S. as an enemy.

In June Lupe Fiasco was a guest on CBS’s "What’s Trending with Shira Lazar" and said "the biggest terrorist is Obama" because "the root causes of the terrorism is the stuff that the U.S. government allows to happen and the foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists."

During a recent interview with VladTV (in the video above), Akon responded to Fiasco’s criticism from what he called an international perspective:

"I travel internationally, so I see what Obama is doing for the U.S.," Akon added. "He’s actually changed the whole image of the United States completely. We was looked at as enemies at one point. When I went to third world countries and Middle Eastern countries, I used to wonder, ‘Should I use my American passport or should I use my Senegalese passport?’ That’s how crazy it was at one point when [George W.] Bush was in power. But now we’re being welcomed around the world because of the political decisions that Obama made."

Akon points fingers at Republicans for preventing "change." "The Republicans are trying to stop him from doing it…he’s trying to pass all these bills, and they’re not allowing him to do it," Akon said.

"He can’t make changes himself, there’s other parties that have to vote on the changes."