After 60 Years, Israel’s Arabs are Still Outsiders; Rumors of ICE Raids Near Schools

By The News May 07, 2008

Arabs Still Outcasts in Israel Sixty years later, Israel’s 1.3 million Arab citizens still experience disparities in the nation and feel increasingly unwanted in their home. New York Times. San Francisco Has Fewer Black Residents, More Black Inmates As San Francisco’s Black residents has decreased in recent years, the population of black men and women locked up in the San Francisco County Jail has increased dramatically. San Francisco Chronicle. Legislation Demands Medical Care for Detainees With recent news that 66 immigrants have died while being detained, Representative Zoe Lofgren of California is introducing a bill to set mandatory standards for care and to require that all deaths be reported to the Justice Department and Congress. New York Times. Urban Farmers Move to Markets All over the country, urban farmers are looking to improve their community’s health by providing fresh produce in low-income neighborhoods that do not have supermarkets. New York Times. ICE Raid Rumors Frighten Parents, Students Though immigration agents deny claims, word that ICE agents would be near Bay Area schools led some parents to stay away from the schools, apparently too scared to pick up their children. San Jose Mercury News.