The Affirmative Action Debate Continues, And Other News

By The News Apr 27, 2009

Most Americans Still Support Affirmative Action In light of the recent Supreme Court case, in which white firefighters are claiming reverse discrimination, it seems general public opinion is still opposed to affirmative action. A closer study of polls reveals that a majority of Americans are not as against it as they initially appear. New America Media Latinos Cutting Down on Quinceaneras The quinceanera, a Latino tradition of celebrating a teenage girl’s transition into adulthood on her 15th birthday, is being scaled down by Latino parents who cannot afford to pay for a grand celebration in today’s economy. San Diego Tribune Obama’s Immigration Reform Up Against Tough Obstacles The Obama Administration, gearing up to reintroduce immigration reform, will need a strong platform to fight tough opposition from those who see legalization as unfair. Buffalo News