The Affirmative Action Clarence Thomas Wants to Forget

By The News Mar 14, 2007

Supreme Court Justice Thomas has been in tnews lately for saying his all-white band of court clerks are absent of minorities because he doesn’t have a quota system. While a few quotas might have forced an integration of his staff, it’s important to discern between mere quota-driven policy versus real Affirmative Action. Instead of discussing the range of proactive and successful Affirmative Action programs, opponents choose to paint a picture of women and people of color standing in line with their lazy hands open waiting for freebies. Opponents of Affirmative Action (and really everyone) should read this great column by Clarence Page about what Affirmative Action critics like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas don’t get about the possibilities of progressive Affirmative Action and what it has meant for people like Thomas who were courted to join prestigious colleges.