Adults Say They’re Born Gay, and Loving It

The popular blog features hilarious photos of little kids who had the nerve to be different.

By Jamilah King Feb 09, 2011

This week the Internets have fallen in love with Born This Way, a blog that features photos of adorable little baby queers. The goal is pretty self-explanatory, and includes a few photos of boys wearing pearl necklaces and little girls who refused to wear dresses. Founder Paul V, who’s based in Los Angeles, writes, "I’m just one of many millions of out, proud gay people who didn’t choose to be gay — being gay chose me."

Each photo is accompanied by a brief coming out story, and it’s inspiring to see each person’s determination. Some are hilarious, while others are heart-wrenching. Jeremy talks about growing up "helplessly creative" and playing with Barbies as a kid, while eventually having to face seemingly insurmountable stigma as a teen. "Being a teen in the mid-80’s was not fun for me. Kids would joke that gays "had AIDS" and were going to hell. If I were to come out, would I have AIDS too?  Would I die?"

Liliana writes about playing with G.I. Joe action figures in East L.A. before concluding, "My advice for gay kids, is hang in there. It does get much better – even for a young Salvadoran American growing up in a very conservative home."

Minta recounts life growing up in Bombay. "I always knew I was gay, I just didn’t have words to describe it. I just knew I liked girls. Though, growing up in India, you didn’t say such things. Not aloud, anyway."

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