Adult Vaccination Rates Lower Among African Americans, and Other News

By The News Aug 05, 2009

African Americans Don’t Keep Up With Required Vaccinations After Childhood According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older African Americas get vaccinations at much lower rates than other older adults, making that population more prone to diseases. Increasing Numbers of Chinese Immigrants Come to US Through Mexico According to a report by the China Press, 969 undocumented Chinese immigrants were arrested by US officials in the first five months of 2009. Most of the immigrants entered the country through southern Arizona. Gulf Coast Leaders Want to Ensure Accurate Census Counts Elected officials and community leaders of the Gulf Coast have called for the creation of a subcommittee in Congress to address concerns about how the 2010 Census will include all its residents, who are still largely displaced four years after Hurricane Katrina. The groups argue that although it is challenging to count all residents of the US, it is even harder to do so in a devastated region where many people of color are left out. Latinos and Asians Contribute Billions to Colorado According to the Washington-based Immigration Policy Center, Latino and Asian businesses employ more than 53,000 people and their purchasing power amounts to almost $26 billion. The two groups make up about 22.6 percent of the Colorado population and could play a role in state’s recovery.