Actress in Hoekstra’s Chinese-Themed Site is Former CA Beauty Queen

The Asian actress who stars in the is reportedly a 21-year-old Bay Area native, UC Berkeley sociology graduate and Miss Napa Valley.

By Jorge Rivas Feb 10, 2012

Michigan Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra has taken down the controversial Chinese-themed [ website]( and [plans to no longer air the similar themed commercial ]( made national headlines after it premiered during the Superbowl. Lisa Chan, the 21-year old model and actress that starred in the commercial, is probably really happy to hear that. [ reported]( Thursday Chan is the woman who stars in Hoekstra’s controversial campaign. "She’s 21, from the Bay Area, graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in sociology, founded a nonprofit organization for at-risk youth, and recently competed as the reigning Miss Napa Valley in the 2012 Miss California USA pageant," reports [ ]( Chan started a non-profit when she was 17 and by the looks of the organization’s "about page" Chan sounds like a politicized U.C. Berkeley sociology major: > In 2010, after being a Sociology major for two years at the University of California, Berkeley, Lisa was captivated by the social inequalities in our world and quickly became inspired to carry the mission of The Bay Area Strive onto a national and eventually global level with a more digital focus and catering to teachers as well as students, leading to the birth of The Strive. > > Today, The Strive continues to fight educational inequality with a larger sociological perspective in mind. Just think, why does more crime occur in places where there is less educational funding? Why is it that certain races have higher high school graduation rates than others? Environmental racism causes certain races to be concentrated in areas of designated income brackets, which in turn determine the quality of public education available in those areas. This is not fair especially since the quality of education extends past graduation rates. Believe it or not, a student’s quality of education at a young age also determines Sounds like she was really making all the right decisions up until she got Hoekstra casting call. *This story has been update since the original time it was published.