Actors Assaulted by Lousiana Police; HIV Travel Ban Repealed

By The News Jul 18, 2008

US Senate Repeals HIV Travel Ban The Senate on Wednesday, July 16 voted to repeal the HIV travel ban on an 80-16 vote. The provision to repeal the U.S. travel and immigration restrictions on persons who are HIV-positive that had been in place for decades was included in the reauthorization of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. Bay Area Reporter. Gov Paterson Doesn’t Like "Accidental" Remarks Citing racial bias, New York Governor David Paterson let it be known that he no longer wants to be called accidental, saying the term has not been applied to white governors and presidents who took office under emergency circumstances. New York Sun. Louisiana Police Use Tasers on Actors in G. W. Bush Film "A bar brawl that ended with two stars of Oliver Stone’s new George Bush biopic, W, under arrest has taken a dark turn, with new reports charging that police used pepper spray and racial slurs on the Hollywood actors. Josh Brolin, who plays the US president for Stone, and Jeffrey Wright, who portrays Colin Powell, were arrested in the small hours of Saturday morning outside a bar in Shreveport, Louisiana. The film has been shooting there for months." Guardian.