Actor Jesse Williams Breaks Down Sandra Bland and Racist Hypocrisy in 24 Tweets

By Sameer Rao Jul 23, 2015

Leave it to Jesse Williams to break down what the public needs to know about police racism in the wake of Black Lives Matter activist Sandra Bland’s death in custody—all in 24 tweets. The "Grey’s Anatomy" star and activist, no stranger to using social media to advocate a position, took to Twitter Wednesday evening to make sense of the controversy surrounding Bland’s death, as well as the disturbing dashboard camera footage from her arrest and the bizarre circumstances surrounding the lack of evidence in her death. We’ve included the 24 poignant tweets, which touch on the hypocrisy of American racism and state violence, below. 

Willams followed by tweeting several videos of white people who violated police orders and put officers in harm’s way without making major headlines or incurring major violations of procedure or civil liberties from officers. He also tweeted what, to many, was breaking news about Bland’s autopsy: 

(H/t The Root