Activists Celebrate as José Luis Sin Censura Goes Off the Air

By Jamilah King Aug 09, 2012

For 18 months, activists from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the National Hispanic Media Coalition have fought to get *José Luis Sin Censura* off of television. The show, which is basically the Spanish-language equivalent to the *Jerry Springer* show, as been derided for its repeated use of homophobic slurs. Today, those activists won. GLAAD and NHMC received a letter today from Liberman Broadcasting, Inc. outlining the company’s decision to drop the show. Basically, all the negative press was bad for business. The company said that it’s "pleased to have amicably resolved this matter" and is "glad NHMC and GLAAD will no longer discourage companies from advertising with Libereman Broadcasting." You can see the letter in its entirety [over at GLAAD’s blog](