ACORN and Al Sharpton Confront Phoenix Sheriff Arpaio

By Jonathan Adams Jun 22, 2009

Over the weekend, groups gathered in Phoenix to protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s racist policing. Al Sharpton joined the voices calling attention to the civil rights violations against immigrants. via New America Media by Khalil Abdullah

Today, on Juneteenth, a date steeped in the rich symbolism of freedom for African Americans, community organization ACORN intends to raise the banner of comprehensive immigration reform by announcing the launch of The Black Leadership Immigration Project from the pulpit of a Phoenix, Ariz., church. ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis, who will be joined by Rev. Al Sharpton, said she came to Phoenix “because African-Americans need to be part of immigration reform, the civil rights movement of the 21st Century.” Lewis said that when she speaks from the pulpit of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, home to an African-American congregation, she will bring “an anti-racial profiling message and the fight for the right of immigrants to be treated as human beings into Joe Arpaio’s backyard.”

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