Accounts of Post-Election Racist Graffiti, Harassment Pour in From Across the Country

By Sameer Rao Nov 10, 2016

Well before Donald Trump won the presidential election Tuesday (November 8), analysts documented the real-world effects of his vitriolic campaign rhetoric on the marginalized people he frequently targeted. In the aftermath of his victory, reports of that violence come to life are emerging from around the country.

New York Daily News journalist and activist Shaun King has posted many reports of racist graffiti, chanting, assaults and more to his Twitter in the two days since the election. The Verge’s Sean O’Kane assembled similar reports on his Medium page. We’ll spare you the full rundown, which also includes incidences of sexist and anti-LGBTQ intimidation, but here are a few illustrative examples and tweets:

The Buffalo News reported both a Black baby doll left in a Canisius College elevator with a rope around its neck, and a swastika and the words "Make America White Again" spraypainted on a baseball dugout in upstate New York. A hijab-wearing female student at California’s San Diego State University reported assaults and robberies. In San Diego, the student’s hijab was pulled tight enough to choke her, and her car may have been stolen by the assailants, who made comments about Muslims and Trump. 




(H/t The Washington Post, Quartz)

*Article has been updated to reflect reports that a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette fabricated a story about being beaten by two men who ripped off her hijab and stole her wallet.