ABC’s Social Experiment Measures Reactions to Racism

By The News Mar 23, 2009

Indiana Experiences Immigrant Exodus The recession has forced many Latino immigrants to leave Northeast Indiana in search of work, taking a toll on remittances sent to their families. Chicago Tribune. Wealth Gap Widens Between Blacks, Whites Black prospective homeowners continue to be targeted for predatory lending practices and high-interest loans furthering the wealth gap between Blacks and whites. Washington Post. TV Program Shows Public Response To ‘Shopping While Black’ The ABC program "What Would You Do" set up a social experiment which showed the varied responses of everyday shoppers toward blatant discrimination against Black customers wrongfully accused of shoplifting. ABC news. Schools Improve on Identifying Ethnicity Starting next year, schools will allow multiracial students to identify themselves more accurately, dramatically affecting the way educational reforms are determined. Black Politics on the Web.