90 College Presidents Cite Patents in Call for Immigration Reform

Foreign graduate students are big contributors to inventions that create jobs, the presidents say. They urge changes so more can stay here after graduating.

By Jorge Rivas Jul 06, 2012

Three quarters of the patents at top patent-producing universities in the U.S. had at least one foreign-born inventor, according to a new report by the Partnership for a New American Economy – a group made up of more than 450 Republican, Democratic, and Independent mayors and business leaders who support immigration reform. The Partnership organized more than 90 presidents to call on the nation’s leaders to support immigration reform that would allow many of these students to stay in the U.S. after they graduate. The letter addressed to President Obama, Majority Leader Reid, Republican Leader McConnell, Speaker Boehner, and Democratic Leader Pelosi is published in it’s entirety below. The letter signed by the Presidents of Harvard, Cornell and UCLA, only addresses the "best and the brightest" and does not include unskilled immigrants ([who are just as critical to our economy](http://colorlines.com/archives/2011/05/what_the_president_left_out_of_his_immigration_reform_speech.html)) in their call to leaders.