7,000 Black Men Rally in Philly Against Violence; More Noose Incidents in New York

By The News Oct 22, 2007

Volunteers eager to patrol Philadelphia Tired of the violence that has plagued their city, over 7,000 black men gathered in the streets of Philadelphia to sign up as volunteers for community peacekeeping patrols. Feeling that police had failed to adequately curtail the street violence, volunteers committed to attend orientations in their own neighborhoods. Although non-Black community members could attend, the campaign was directed at Black men to solve the problems within their own communities. Los Angeles Times. Latino head of RNC resigns On Friday, Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, considered the highest-ranking Latino of the Republican Party, resigned from his position as general chairman of the Republican National Committee this past Friday. Sen. Martinez attributed his frustration with the debate within the Republican Party around immigration to his decision. Sen. Martinez’s resignation follows the recent resignation of former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, another high-ranking Latino within the GOP. Los Angeles Times. Few Answers About Nooses, But Much Talk of Jim Crow Sociologists and government officials have been stumped as to why, within only a few weeks, there have been seven incidents of nooses anonymously thrown over doorknobs or found in workplaces throughout the New York metropolitan area. One theory is that these events are the backlash from the mobilization around the Jena Six. No arrests have been made, but the police consider all cases as hate crimes. New York Times. Campus dedicates East Asian studies library This past Saturday, the University of California, Berkeley celebrated the opening of its new, four-story, $46.4 million East Asian studies library. The library is considered as one of the world’s largest collection of East Asian literature and valuable artifacts, outside of Asia. The university is considered the home to the nation’s number one East Asian studies program, according to the US Department of Education. San Francisco Chronicle. Bobby Jindal becomes state’s first nonwhite leader since Reconstruction On Saturday, US Representative Bobby Jindal celebrated his recent win in Louisiana; being the first person of color to become governor since the era of Reconstruction. Born to Indian immigrants, the 36 year-old Republican is also the nation’s youngest governor, having won 53% of the election’s votes. MSNBC.