5 Ways To Donate Money, Time and Other Aid to Communities Hit By Florence

By Ayana Byrd Sep 24, 2018

On September 14, Hurricane Florence made landfall, dropping dozens of inches of rain on North and South Carolina. More than a week later, it is still causing life-threatening damage.

"Florence continues to bring misery to North Carolina," North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said in a statement Sunday (September 23). Rivers continue to rise and although the rain has stopped, the water has not receded in many counties. 

CBS News reports that today (September 24), up to 8,000 people are still on alert for evacuation in South Carolina. The state is expecting up to 10 feet of floodwaters this week in what is considered a "record event." 

Thousands of people are in need of assistance. While many donate to the Red Cross, an organization that provides disaster relief and emergency assistance, it has a controversial track record regarding how donations are used following natural disasters. Here, five alternative ways to get aid to the storm victims who need it most:

The General Baptist State Convention has created a calendar with ways to help those affected by Florence throughout the Carolinas. It includes volunterer opportunities to collect and distribute food, diapers and other needed items. The website lists places to give time and ways to donate money. More information here.

NFL team the Carolina Panthers has partnered with Visit North Carolina and Discover South Carolina to create and sell a t-shirt to support storm victims. One hundred percent of proceeds go to North Carolina and South Carolina Florence relief funds. As an additional boost to the region, the shirts are made by Recover Brands, a Charlotte-based apparel company that produces the shirts in Spartanburg, S.C. Purchase the $20 shirt here.

Now that the rain has stopped, educators are accessing damage to schools. To help restock classrooms—including books, supplies, furniture, computers and other technology, and therapy resources—give to a fund set up by Donors Choose, a nonprofit where teachers can post what they need for classrooms and learning projects. In addition, the public can report damaged schools on the site. Click here for more.

The Humane Society of the United States has mobilized a multi-state team of rescue workers to save animals in the Carolinas. It evacuated animals before the storm and continues to rescue pets facing flooding and supply food and air conditioners to local shelters. Donate money to help their efforts here.

Diaper Bank of North Carolina’s motto is “Disaster relief doesn’t cover bottoms…but we do.” It is the only statewide organization of its kind, partnering with North Carolina emergency services to provide diapers and training pants for newborns and toddlers, and underwear for adults and older children. It accepts donations of cash and personal hygiene items, and needs volunteers to prepare disaster relief kits. To give through the group's Amazon wishlist, click here.