5 Occuprint Posters Tell the Tale of Global Solidarity for 99 Percent

From Brooklyn to Indonesia, artists have have helped articulate a deeply personal political narrative.

By Hatty Lee Nov 15, 2011

Cities across the country are grappling with how to respond to the 99 percent movement. Some, like Oakland, have turned to violence. Others, like New York City, have drummed up evictions.Throughout all of it, artists have played a large in visualizing an often deeply personal and political narrative.

That’s where Occuprint comes into play. It’s a poster series that’s curated by artists Molly Fair, Jesse Goldstein, Josh MacPhee and John Boy. The collaboration came about after The Occupied Wall Street Journal put together an issue highlighting Occupy movement poster art. Artists from global Occupy movements have contributed posters to the Occuprint website to be shared freely through creative commons for noncommercial use.

And it’s not just online, it’s a print-media movement. Occuprint is working with OWS Screen Printing Guild which provides folks free access to screen printing and prints through OWS Print Labs. They provide free prints and t-shirst for people passing through the park and "for anyone who wants a print and who values what we have to offer as a symbol of solidarity."

Below are some posters artists have submitted–from Brooklyn to Indonesia.

Created by: Josh MacPhee   Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Created by: Christy C Road   Origin: Brooklyn, NY 

Created by: Nobodycorp.Internationale Unlimited   Origin: Indonesia

Created by: Dignidad Rebelde   Origin: Bay Area, Califas, Occupied Ohlone Territory


Created by: Jamaa Al-Yad   Origin: Beirut