41 Immigration Reform Activists Arrested in Washington DC

While dozens of activists were arrested in the most recent act of civil disobedience for immigration reform, other advocates are mocking Rep. Steve King's racist remarks by delivering cantaloupes and photographing their calves.

By Von Diaz Aug 02, 2013

If you thought the House of Representatives might make a decision on immigration reform before the five-week summer recess, think again. Today is the last day before the summer recess and immigration reform won’t be resolved before September. To protest Congress’s continued inaction on this issue, activists came together in Washington DC yesterday and blocked traffic in an act of civil disobedience. Forty one people were arrested, among them union members from the AFL-CIO and the United Farm Workers. 

Meanwhile, other activists continued riffing on Rep. Steve King’s (R-Iowa) choice words equating immigrants to beefy drug runners by hand delivering cantaloupes to 224 members of Congress. Here’s one young undocumented woman in the act. 

In solidarity with recent actions, undocumented immigrants and advocates started flexing their calves for immigration reform and sharing photos of their calves via social media with the hashtag . None of the calves pictured appear to be cantaloupe-sized.