300 Arrested in Raid on Immigrant Workers; China’s Worst Earthquake in Three Decades

By The News May 13, 2008

ICE Raids Iowa Meat Plant, Arrests More Than 300 Workers On Monday, immigration agents raided the country’s largest kosher meat plant in its largest sweep to date. Planned for months, the raid on Postville, Iowa workers led to more than 300 arrests. New York Times. Black Smokers At More Risk Without Menthol Regulation Because menthol cigarettes, a more common choice for Black smokers, account for a quarter of the $70 billion cigarette market, any legislation to regulate the tobacco will not included metholated brands in order to receive support from tobacco lobby group Phillip Morris USA. New York Times. Earthquake in China Kills Thousands "Rescue workers were digging through flattened homes and schools Tuesday in a desperate search for victims of China’s worst earthquake in three decades. Authorities said nearly 12,000 people were killed and more than 18,000 are missing." MSNBC. Careless Detention Day 3 of a special Washington Post multimedia feature tells the story of Amina Mudey, a mentally ill detainee. There are also reports that some neglected immigrants have committed suicide because of substandard care. Washington Post.